Office Paper (white and colored)
Accepted by curbside recycling bin and at SEIRD recycling centers. There is no need to remove staples. Do remove plastic binders and bags.

Oil Filters
Accepted at SEIRD recycling centers.

Oily Soil
Call the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.

Oven Cleaner
This is a hazardous material and must be brought to the SEIRD processing center in the Jefferson Proving Grounds north of Madison or saved for special quarterly collections at SEIRD county recycling centers.

Overhead transparencies
Can be recycled by mailing them to: Recycle Program c/o Gemark 99 Stevens Lane Exeter, PA 18643.

Over-stuffed Chairs
If there is still use left in the chair, try to find someone who can use it, donate to Goodwill, put it in a yard sale. Not accepted at SEIRD reuse centers. Most contract waste haulers will pick up if you call to schedule.

Southeastern Indiana Recycling District (SEIRD) ● 6556 North Shun Pike Road, JPG #534 ● Madison, IN 47250 ● 1.800.997.4793