Garden Hose
Trash it or reuse for another purpose.

Accepted at SEIRD recycling centers.

Gift Wrap
Unfortunately, not recyclable and must be placed in the trash after reuse.

Since glass does not degrade, a bottle thrown in a landfill today would still be around in the year 3000. That's why it's so important to recycle any glass food or beverage container at SEIRD or any other recycling facility. In addition to saving landfill space, recycling saves energy. For example, recycling one glass bottle saves enough energy to light a 100-watt bulb for four hours. Any clear, green, or brown glass bottle which held a food or beverage can be recycled. Empty and rinse; discard caps in trash. Labels and neck rings are okay, as they can be sorted out at the recycling facility. There are other glass items that unfortunately cannot be recycled.

  • No light bulbs
  • No window glass
  • No auto glass
  • No broken glass
  • No dishes
  • No drinking glasses
  • No mirrors
  • No Pyrex

Glass Bottles
Accepted by curbside recycling and SEIRD recycling centers. Caps and corks go in the trash. Labels and neck rings can be left on.

Grass Clippings
Grass clippings are banned from trash by state statute. They may be left on the lawn after the grass is cut or added to compost. Some communities offer compost collection.

Automotive grease: hazardous material and must be brought to the SEIRD processing center at the Jefferson Proving Grounds north of Madison or saved for special quarterly collections at SEIRD county recycling centers. Cooking grease should be placed in the garbage.

Greeting Cards
Place with curbside recycling or bring to SEIRD recycling centers. Consider donating to youth/senior organizations for art projects.

Grocery Bags
Paper: Accepted by curbside recycling and all SEIRD recycling centers.
Plastic: Check with local supermarkets for recycling programs. They can be reused as trash liners for small trash bins. Also accepted at all SEIRD recycling centers.

Contact local law enforcement.

Gypsum (Sheetrock)
Must be discarded, or larger (new) pieces can be donated to the SEIRD Building Materials Reuse Center in East Enterprise during normal business hours. A local farmer may need it for spreading on fallow fields.

Southeastern Indiana Recycling District (SEIRD) ● 6556 North Shun Pike Road, JPG #534 ● Madison, IN 47250 ● 1.800.997.4793